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Time & Location

Monday August 31st - Monday September 7th, 2020

Treasure Island Eco Resort, Vava'u, Tonga 

About The Retreat

Imagine yourself immersed in the warm transparent, turquoise waters of Vava’u, listening to the calls of humpback mothers and calves and watching them play in their sacred whale nursery. Imagine up close and personal encounters with these magnificent ocean gurus and expect to be moved beyond words.

Feel your pulse quicken as one glides slow motion beside you, holding your gaze and filling your heart with infinite love and gratitude. Feel your heart expand as a calf playfully rolls over, dives down and inquisitively sneaks up on you.

Be woken at night by the crack of a pectoral fin as whales breach just off shore or doze in bed listening to the deep soulful song of a male sharing the ancient songlines. You might even be in the water as we were this year, suspended above a singing whale ~ his sound reverberating right through our bodies and hearts.

Our week together offers you the chance to unwind and relax in one of the most tranquil places on earth, but also gives you precious time and space to rediscover your inner nature and align with Mother Earth. We hold a powerful and safe space that allows you to explore your intuitive, connective, ethical self. Be amongst the first in the world to greet the sunrise, awakened and inspired. The beauty and majesty of Tonga will open your eyes; the sacred energy will expand your heart and the ancient vibration of the whales’ songs and the laughter and kindness of the Tongan people will heal your soul.

Find your flow again with deep sessions of restorative yoga, meditation, laughter and fun and plenty of quiet time for rest, reading and reflection.

“In October 2014 I was lucky enough to travel to Tonga to go swimming with the humpback whales. It was a life changing experience. Swimming with these divine creatures is such a privilege, the feelings of joy and exhilaration you experience when you are interacting with these amazing creatures is indescribable. Swimming in such pristine and beautiful waters and experiencing their beauty, grace and sheer size was an unforgettable experience. What made the holiday all the more incredible were the yoga and meditation sessions that allowed us to connect with the incredible healing energies of the island retreat. In combination with the whale swims they opened my heart and soul to the beauty both around us and within us. I am forever grateful to Denby for such an amazing holiday. I loved it so much I went back in 2015 and am going again in 2016!” Sally Gole

Traveling to Tonga with Denby has the added benefit of being guided by a gifted animal communicator. She is able to intuit and interpret their specific telepathic messages in a way that can help support and empower people on their spiritual journeys. Her familial connection with the great humpback whales in particular, allows her to tune into past lives and karmic records to channel messages to those who are willing to receive and ready to activate.

Through these retreats Denby has motivated many people to make their lifestyles more eco-friendly, activate their unique creativity and offer themselves in greater service to Mother Ocean over the years; including giving photographer Rita Kluge her first break in 2015, and inspiring Sarah Tait to create her sustainable business 'Wanderlightly' in 2016.

Working with Denby is sure to awaken your inner activist and inspire you to become a conscious conduit for love.

Details and brochure will be available soon. To register your interest for one of the 9 VIP spots, please email

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