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Time & Location

Friday January 10th - Tuesday January 14th, 2020

Voyages Ayers Rock Resort, Yulara, NT

About The Retreat

Yoga Spirit Journeys acknowledges the traditional owners and custodians of the land, the Anangu peoples, past, present and future. We acknowledge that this land was stolen and that sovereignty has never been ceded. We recognise the loss of land, children, health and kin and the erosion of language, culture and lore that the Aboriginal people have suffered at the hands of European colonisation.


In January 2019, Yoga Spirit Journeys returns to Uluru to host their fourth 'Desert Dreaming' retreat in this outback oasis. We will share a week of remedial yoga, soul seeking meditations and full moon ceremonies to connect with the ancestors of this ancient land. This will be a particularly auspicious time at the red centre, as astrology, indigenous prophecy and celestial philosophies align to create a deeply powerful and universally awakening experience for the world. We will begin our adventure with a sunset-into-moonrise camel ride, meandering through the sand dunes to witness Luna rise above the great rock. We will spend time walking the ancient pathways through Kata Tjuta and pay homage to the spirits that live there. We will sit on the songlines to offer our prayers and apply our unique spiritual gifts and skills in service to the collective consciousness. Throughout our stay we will nourish our bellies with delicious cuisine, embalm our bodies with pampering massage and balance our bodies with daily mindfulness and musings. There will be plenty of time to pause and relax in your own company as well; by the pool, in your deluxe room with an uninterrupted view of the rock, or on soft grass beneath the whispering gum trees.

One of the greatest myths surrounding Uluru, is one of a great celestial ritual interrupted. The Great Ngaltawaddi Ritual of 2020 is designed complete this and in doing so, eliminate death, all black magic, revenge practices and the grip that shadow has on mankind.

An intrinsic part of this ritual – and a definite karmic calling for each one of us to embody deeper responsibility and accountability – is the realisation that we all need to change our ways and start loving, protecting, conserving and honouring, Mother Earth. We all need to participate in co-creating this great ritual of awareness, activation and the warrior activist that resides within us all. We need to remember that we are ALL custodians of this planet and work diligently to repair the divine matrix that births, feeds, empowers and heals, all living beings.

Since the Capricorn full moon on July 8, 1990, a great Ngaltawaddi cord was constructed between the earth and the sun, in preparation for the completion of this great cosmic rite of passage. Since that date, many healers, grid workers, master alchemists, shamans, nature beings and animal spirits, have been working tirelessly together to strengthen and prepare this cord. If you have known about all this, then maybe you have been working among and with us. The solar umbilical cord will fully activate with the quadruple conjunction of Saturn, Pluto, Mercury and the Sun, on January 13. These four planets unite in Capricorn, the sacred sign of Uluru, and together, create an archetypal and very rare, very real, astrological and energenetic link between the sun and the Earth that will alter consciousness as we know it. Forever. 

The frequency created by this event will create an immediate and palpable shift allowing the highest transmissions of light, love and soul liberation, to infuse every living being on the planet. It is certainly an exciting time to visit this iconic site and to participate in this potent ceremony, guaranteed to activate your personal energies to whatever 'next level' is appropriate for you.

Our intention is to create a safe and sacred space for you so you can unwind in your own way, allowing for new awareness and awakening and helping to open your heart so you may receive the powerful energies this blood red landscape offers.

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