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Aligning your inner nature with mother nature

It's time for that once-in-a-lifetime experience that moves you well beyond your yoga mat to catapult you into awakening.  Into your truth, your inner knowing and into an ever deepening understanding of all that is.  A journey that opens your heart, stills your mind and feeds your soul like none other, creating the space for you to tap in, tune out and transform yourself on all levels.

It’s time for something different. Something new.

We offer eco-luxe pilgrimages to iconic sacred sites around Australia and across the globe, including planetary chakra and vortex locations. Hosted by series creator Denby Sheather, these bespoke adventures capture the heart and spirit of traditional and esoteric teachings and align your essence and energy with nature’s. This is not only a tick-off-your bucket list opportunity; it is a chance to immerse yourself in powerful indigenous healing practices and fulfil your life purpose at the same time.

Yoga Spirit Journeys retreats are all about tuning into the land, respecting the traditional elders, the environment and promoting conservation and business sustainability. This is conscious tourism at its finest. Marvel at mother nature as you connect with your own inner nature. Add to this euphoric mix, daily healing yin and restorative yoga, meditation and multi award winning accommodation with sunrises, sunsets, full moons, enticing activities and cuisine to die for, and yes, your trip away with us promises to be one you will never forget; or regret!

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When Earth is nourished and Water flows,

all is well above and below, within and without.

Desert Dreaming:
Uluru and Kata Tjuta 2020

Friday January 10th - Tuesday January 14th

Yoga Spirit Journeys returns to Uluru to host their fourth 'Desert Dreaming' retreat in this outback oasis. We will share a week of remedial yoga, soul seeking meditations and full moon ceremonies to connect with the ancestors of this ancient land.

Salted Souls:
Tonga 2020

Monday August 31st - Monday September 7th

Treasure Island Eco Resort, Vava'u, Tonga 

Yoga Spirit Journeys returns to the islands of Ha'apai in Tonga to spend time swimming and communing with the great humpback whales. The week includes daily yoga and meditation, healing lunar rituals, and responsibly and consciously, connecting with these majestic ocean mammals. Life changing!

Sacred Safari:
KENYA, Africa 2020

To Be Confirmed

Yoga Spirit Journeys ventures to Mother Africa for an inspiring, life changing week. Like all our adventures, we will share a week of yin yoga and soul seeking meditations and full moon ceremonies, connecting with the ancestors, the great lions and the gentle elephant giants of this incredible land.

Lunar Medicine

Weekend Retreat

To Be Confirmed

We always secure gorgeous beach houses for our weekends of luxuriating and illuminating. Think morning beach swims and walks and a spacious, secluded home with all the mod-cons you need.

Our weekend catering is provided by local wholefood master chefs, handpicked for their vegetarian/vegan/raw food mastery, attention to culinary perfection and joyful dispositon! Guaranteed this will be a weekend where you will feel fully nourished, filled up and inspired to action your new intentions and visions in all areas of your life.


With twenty years of international teaching experience exploring the relationship between the seasonal cycles, the Chinese five element theory, esoteric modalities and body/mind spirituality, Denby is one of Australia’s finest yoga therapists and spiritual healers. She has founded the innovative practice she calls ‘Mana Yoga’, a unique flow that reflects her own journey with yoga, energetics and motherhood.

Her shamanic work weaves an empowering layer to the yoga, unbinding and aligning, rousing and recalibrating bodies, hearts and minds through an intuitive sequencing of therapeutic and seasonal postures, breath work, meditation and mantra. Her elegant integration of individual adjustments with bodywork, ritual and intuitive healing techniques makes for an equally enlightening and nourishing experience. You will be moved, in many ways and on many levels, and often feel like you have just received a massage, counselling session and yoga practice all rolled into one!

Denby is also a gifted animal communicator, able to intuit and interpret their specific telepathic messages in a way that can help support and empower people on their spiritual journeys. Her familial connection with the great humpback whales in particular, allows her to tune into past lives and karmic records to channel messages to those who are willing to receive and ready to activate.

Working with Denby is sure to awaken your inner activist and inspire you to become a conscious conduit for love and


For more on DENBY click here

About Denby

Yoga Spirit Journeys: self discovery through soul service.


Please feel free to contact me by phone or email. Or alternatively fill in the form below, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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